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 Empire State Building, 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10118, United States

who we are
commencing operations in 1991, helios and matheson has helped scores of clients maximize the performance of their it organizations with a powerful suite of services driven by a seamless global delivery model.

we are headquartered in chennai, india with offices and subsidiaries in usa, singapore and india.

over time we have built a strong usa and european presence and deep client relationships. sustained infrastructure and sales/marketing investments over the last 22 years have helped create a world-class knowledge-networked work environment that empowers our team to provide high quality solutions to clients.

we came out with our initial public offer (ipo) of equity in 1999. we are listed in india on the national stock exchange (heliosmath), the stock exchange, mumbai (helios mat i; 532347) , bloomberg code (hmit in) and madras stock exchange (hms). we have a track record of uninterrupted profits (60 straight quarters) and dividend distribution since inception.

mission & vision
the mission statement is another step forward in our articulation of who we are and what we want to do. the ” light” identity in our logo captures our beliefs and approach over the years.

we believe the mission statement is the organisation’s soul, expressed in lucid, simple words. it should live long, though if circumstances change rapidly we must check validity then.
if a better solution exists, we must find it

what it means to us

“if the solution that enriches clients business exists, we must find it.”

to enhance and sustain an environment of trust and service value with our customers, through our growth as a global company in the area of information technology.

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