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 15 Maria Street, Tanunda South Australia 5352, Australia

What kind of results can I expect working with Barossa Strong?

As in any behaviourist counselling, you are going to get more out of therapy if you put in more. We are a team in a working relationship. Most of the work happens between sessions, applying what we agree on in session. We discuss your personal situation with empathy and care, collaboratively create plans, anticipate barriers, troubleshoot and test. We experiment, refine, and build until you are comfortable in the positive change you have built.

The vast majority of clients who come to see us in session report significant positive change in their lives. Feedback has been over whelmingly positive and is the main reason we keep doing what we’re doing.

In any therapeutic relationship, whether it be us, another therapist or another therapy model, the level of trust and connection a person has in their mental health care practitioner plays the greatest role in whether the therapy will be successful or not. If for any reason, either of us feel it may not be a match, we can refer on to another practitioner who may be better suited to your specific needs, however that may be.

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