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 7 East Frederick Place, Suite 700, Cedar Knolls, NJ

About Us
For over ten years, Z & A has worked with a wide range of organizations throughout the world to successfully deliver information technology solutions in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Enterprise Risk Management. Over the years, our clients achieved significant business value through our innovative solutions approach. Z & A is a leading international IT services provider. We design, build and operate solutions for large multi-national clients in carefully targeted industry sectors. Our business approach is based on establishing long-term partnerships that encourage success through mutual trust and teamwork.

Our Mission is to continuously introduce value added cost effective products and services to enhance present and future initiatives of our clients.

Our Philosophy is also very simple – One Team, One Concept and One Focus.

Core Expertise

Our core expertise lies in our disciplined approach for clearly identifying business needs, choosing appropriate technology and executing projects within scope, on time and on budget.

Our relationship with customers is based on trust and is the result of demonstrated performance in delivering software solutions that empower organizations and their employees to be more efficient and more productive. Our team of professionals are experts in understanding your business needs and will help you define business processes to align with your goals and objectives. We deliver leading edge technology solutions to enable our clients to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and our speed to deliver ensures early mover advantage.

Our Culture

Z & A’s corporate philosophy is built on ‘good people, doing good work’. We employ entrepreneurial people with the creativity, drive and focus to get the job done. We have built an enthusiastic team that is open to new ideas, respectful of others and hard working – but we still like to have fun.

Corporate Values
Z & A’s core values determine our multi cultural and multi-disciplined environment focussing on helping our clients deal with the day to day challenges of their business. Our values unify a diverse team of people and form the basis for our actions, our attitudes, our behavior and ultimately our sustained success. It drives the way we interact with clients, alliance partners, suppliers, shareholders, communities and with each other.

Customer Dedication

We listen. We devote energy to understanding clients’ needs and challenges and commit to solving them. It is an essential part of building trust, building relationships and building the business.

Commitment to Excellence

We say what we do and we do what we say. We deliver results on time, on budget and to agreed upon quality standards.

Entrepreneurship and Team Spirit

As a team, we share knowledge and think ahead to try to find new opportunities. We manage the present but plan for the future.


We are aware that everything we do impacts our profitability. Controlling expenditures and managing costs helps us establish a foundation upon which to build a promising future.

Client Commitment
Turning Client Vision into Results

Z & A delivers high quality IT services and solutions that are a positive enabler for the future, add real value to our clients’ enterprises and gives them a significant competitive advantage.

Realizing Business Potential Together

We will continue to grow expertise by developing alliances, creating partnerships, and entering into joint ventures. We believe that this is the most productive way of developing business, with both parties sharing the risks and rewards of the association and helping to shape the future.

Matching our Clients’ Expectations and then Exceeding Them

Z & A is committed to establishing and sustaining operational excellence and striving for continuous improvement in all dealings with our clients.

Tel: 973-299-3900
Fax: 973-971-0209
Email: znainc@znainc.com
Website: www.znainc.com

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