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ID: 272 Published: March 20, 2015 9:52 p03

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We help the client’s Business Intelligence projects become long-term successes by delivering the promised returns with least expense of time and effort.

Specializing in data visualization and integration allows our clients to have a consistent Vision (VIS) of Truth (VERO) across the enterprise. The Visvero team is diverse – consisting of business consultants, technology experts and tight partnerships with software technology developers. This enables us to deliver the best Business Intelligence tools and thinking to our clients and track the progress and sources of variances when needed. While many Business Intelligence consultants only deal with full-lifecycle projects, Visvero has developed an understanding that every organization’s needs are different, and thus our services have evolved to fit our client’s needs, rather than an arbitrary definition of a BI project. Our services include specialties in the Planning, Implementation and Adoption phases of Business Intelligence projects. Through our ongoing successes we remain true to the Visvero goal of helping clients say, “Business Intelligence….DONE!”


Visvero Inc. is a Business Intelligence Solutions Integration company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company was spun off as a separate business unit from Datavibes, Inc. where the team was providing Business Intelligence services since 2003. While providing business intelligence services under the Datavibes umbrella, the core team noticed a recurring challenge for clients was that their performance enhancement projects were becoming huge money pits, with varying degrees of success and consultants billing time to ongoing enhancements – never really closing out on any BI project implementation. The Visvero team seeks to change this trend. Our goal with any BI project is to allow organizations to say Business Intelligence … Done.


Gains and additional opportunities abound in any organization. However, not every Business Intelligence provider is equal in their ability to see the opportunities and make them actionable. Visvero’s Engage…Plan…Implement…Adopt…NEXT model will allow executives to see the investments they’ve made create opportunities in the short term, en process gains rather than end ”Less” process . Rather than stagnating in the “continuous improvement” or “ongoing” waters of a BI initiative, many of Visvero’s clients are seeing significant value and building forward momentum on their Business Intelligence initiatives. This is accomplished by engaging their business units in frequent success missions. Simply put, rather than continually looking for “long-term annuity based revenue streams,” we believe that the best long-term revenue model is a successfully completed BI initiative.

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