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 3000 Oak Road , Walnut Creek, CA 94597

About Us
If you didn’t know this about us before, you will soon discover we are extremely proud that Ascent has grown into an award-winning, nationally recognized professional staffing company. We made it our mission to constantly find innovative ways to deliver our services and it has resulted in being recognized as an industry leader.
Our culture can be represented in a powerful formula that powers an exponential network- Focus + Passion + Activity = Exceptional Results. It is embedded in everything we do and is the reason behind our continued success. We listen carefully to our clients and our professionals to understand the challenges they face and the opportunities they are looking for. We understand the importance of finding the right person for the job and take the time to thoroughly interview both the client and candidate to ensure a quality fit. We constantly expand and elevate our network by sharing industry, candidate and client expertise.

Ascent invests a tremendous amount of time and money to ensure that we provide value to our client and industry relationships. Our CEO often tells clients that before they select a vendor they should leverage the knowledge of their peers at other companies in the industry. To help facicilate this, Ascent founded three of the fastest growing professional associations that are discipline specific, cost nothing to participate in and are exclusively for buyer practitioners who are employees of enterprise clients. These associations relate to Project Portfolio Management (PPMP), Data Management (DMP) and Contingent Workforce Management (CWP).

We have offices located in key cities nationwide, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Charlotte, and Chicago. We place highly skilled professionals in Technology, Business Professional & Pharma (Clinical & Scientific) positions—both contract and direct hire—at Fortune 1000, mid-size, and startup companies in a range of industries.

So, what’s the big take-away? We are so much more than a “temp agency.” Our team invests in long-term relationships with both our clients and professionals in ways that our competitors wouldn’t dream of. Our specialized recruiters have helped transform Ascent into a preferred vendor at more than 60 Fortune 1000 companies.

For more information on how Ascent can work with you, contact Ascent today.

Suppliers or great talent, please have a look at our Supplier Diversity Cultivation program.

Ascent “Help is Here” Program
At Ascent building our network means being tightly integrated into our community.

With our extensive networks, being connected also means being tightly integrated into our community. At Ascent we believe that Community Service is a key aspect of career development and unlocking earning potential for our candidates.
Today’s hiring managers seek talent that is not just competent but also compassionate, they look for leadership qualities and empathy skills to identify good members for their teams. Community service can include individual volunteering, organizing team volunteering events, thought leadership contributions as well as opportunities to volunteer in a board of director capacity for a non-profit.
We believe in helping others and so we created a community service program called, “Help is Here” That provides a range of volunteering venues to help our consultants connect with the communities and enhance their careers. Help is Here helps to bring together Ascent full time employees and our consultant associates for a good cause while helping those in need in the areas where we do business.
Our volunteers participate in community service activities, and have volunteered thousands of hours for causes including homeless shelters, women’s shelters, public parks, food banks and care for the elderly. Members of Ascent’s executive leadership team serve on the boards of organizations like The Volunteer Center, Bay Area Corporate Volunteer Council and the Stride Center
Service activities offer our employees the opportunity to give back to the community and people that surround us. Although there is no greater reward then helping those in need, community service programs have been proven to enhance the lives of those who give as well. Benefits of volunteering include improved mental health and communication skills, trust building, team cooperation, and citizenship, as well as an increase in political and civil awareness. Moreover, volunteering also increases exposure to diversity and multiculturalism, while improving critical thinking and problem solving skills.
We provide access to a range of volunteer opportunities to help our consultant associates build out work experience, including opportunities to serve on the boards of non-profits that are aligned with their interests. Each year we sponsor a large regional “Board Match” bringing together hundreds of local non-profits that are recruiting new board members. These opportunities afford our consultant associates valuable skills to enhance leadership opportunities and round out their resumes in addition to providing valuable service opportunities to the community. Additionally, our consultant associates have the ability to provide skills based volunteering to numerous not-for profits who are looking for the discreet expertise that many of our consultants are able to provide.

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