Terra Infotech.

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 New Jersey One Exchange Place Suite # 903, Jersey City NJ

Welcome to Terra Infotech

Terra infotech provides the entire product/project implementation, including project design and architectures, Technology

feasibility research, Technical Consultations, and Product/Project deployment and support. We provide system integration and strategic Software Development right through to IT implementation its customers.

Creating Better Business Value

While Terra Infotech takes on the operational responsibility for managing the applications, it also helps the customer save cost…

Terra Infotech has its center at Hyderabad with an objective to help our clients benefit the substantial cost reductions and timely delivery. Terra Infotech is a service-oriented company.


“At Terra Infotech we strive to identify and connect industry’s most advanced information technologies and knowledge pool to deliver unique and competitive solutions to our clients.”


Terra InfoTech is a leading provider of Information Technology Services, Solutions, and Staffing. Our clientele includes most of the Fortune 500 companies spanning the Telecom, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharma/Life Sciences, Retail and Hospitality industry.
Terra Infotech specializes in offering cutting edge solutions that vary from business and systems analysis, web technologies, ERP, Ecommerce and Portal frameworks to Databases development and administration. The key to our success has been our capability to identify right resources, deploy them in a timely manner, and be able to offer them sustainable career growth.

For more info:
Email: info@terrainfotech.com
Tel : 201-324-1960,
Fax : 201-221-8534

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