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ID: 337 Published: June 9, 2015 9:52 p06

 1201 11871 HorseShoe Way, Richmond BC V7A5H5, Canada

Techno-comp Inc. (TCI) – An e-transformation company.

TCI business solutions span many mission-critical and functional areas of an enterprise. Our technology consultants and professionals provide a wide range of multidisciplinary skills and an established track record to enable organizations to compete and succeed in today’s marketplace. Our creative solutions help maintain our clients competitiveness in emerging industries.

We are dedicated to enable organizations to create and strengthen bonds with their customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. Our clients have come to depend upon us because of our best practices approach, accountability, experience, commitment to their success and ability to deliver results. Our expertise, extensive reach, and tested delivery mechanisms help us deliver reliable, high-quality cost-effective IT services that enables our customers reap high ROI.

In the rapidly changing economy, where technological revolutions are occurring every moment, businesses have to be up-to-date with the changing requirements of the industry. TCI has been able to keep pace with the changing business requirements. Our analysis has enabled our client to focus on future market trends and in turn reap rewards and achieve their targets easily.

Our service offerings can be summarized as:

Identifying and evaluating the major business factors influencing the transformation in our customer’s business including the changing role of processes within their industry.
Understanding the changing forms of information organization and collaboration required to achieve a transformation.
Helping organizations to keep sustain the impact of globalization.
Utilizing new information and communication technologies to improve the overall business value while delivering a sustained ROI with the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Our customers list includes small-and-medium organizations that require objective technology to solve a specific business need and Fortune/Global organizations that need a technology strategy roadmap-along with imparting the required knowledge to manage change.

The TCI management team leads our company to strive for market leadership and technology innovation while expanding our global presence. The management team combines technical background with experience in high growth technology ventures. The management team’s approach is business orientated, with a strong focus on the needs and requirements of the customer (internal or external). Our collective experience in building world-class organizations provides the company with vision and leadership.

The management team at TCI represents more than 7 years of combined management experience with proven track records in running large technology companies, as well as developing high-tech startups into successful, publicly owned companies.

TCI is an established provider of IT consultancy, software development, and web services. We work with our clients to establish strategic vision before implementing strategic eBusiness Solutions ensuring that business strategy sets the technology agenda.

Our extensive range of services is tailored to our Customers specific needs and our approach is to build one-on-one relationships with client organizations and to adapt the services we offer to the specific requirements of individual companies.

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