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 720 Spirit 40 Park Drive, Chesterfield, MO

Why Choose S2Tech
Some reasons why you can confidently choose S2Tech as your application integration services provider…

Highly Effective
We have a firm belief in Stephen Covey’s business and life principles. At S2Tech, we align our mission, values, goals and basic operating procedures around Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People because we believe that practicing the 7 Habits will help each of our employees to become even more effective in both their professional and personal lives.

Trust and Integrity
When it comes to a partnership of trust, S2Tech has proven time and time again that we keep our clients’ best interests foremost in our minds. When it comes to integrity, we are clear – we make no compromises, we do the right thing for our client in every situation, every time.

Passion for Excellence
From our CEO to the newest trainee, we share the same passion for not only meeting client expectations, but for delivering more than what is expected of us every time. In short, we focus on “delighting” our customers.

We offer clients three staffing models: on-site at the client’s office; off-site at a U.S.-based S2Tech office, or off-shore at S2Tech’s Hyderabad, India Development Center. Our Hyderabad Development Center project methodology is appraised by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at CMMI Level 3.

S2Tech has supported large scale system implementation and operations since 1999. We provide both supplemental staffing and project-based services. Our technical resources are experienced in legacy mainframe platforms as well as the evolving Java and .Net service-oriented architecture system development environments.

Track Record of Success
We have an unbroken record of successful projects. A recent client-wide survey placed client satisfaction with our services at a 4.8 on a 5.0 scale. Our customer retention rate is very close to 100%.

“Enabling client success through effective Information Management Solutions”
Advanced IT solutions are key to performing faster, better, and more competitively in a global marketplace. To achieve and maintain a position of leadership, companies turn to information technology solutions as a source of competitive advantage. Currency and continuous innovation are fundamental. Tomorrow’s innovation quickly becomes yesterday’s old technology. Our clients rely on S2Tech as a primary source of IT services that result in competitive advantage.

Our mission is quite simple – we enable our clients to be successful in their businesses, measured by their standards. We learn and embed our teams in our client’s industry and business environment. The better we understand our client’s industry, the better we can serve them, always focused on ensuring their success.

From our senior leadership team, to our client site resources, to our Hyderabad Development Center, each day S2Tech brings a unique depth of client and industry expertise to bear in making our clients successful. Our client’s success is, after all, the sole measure of our own success.

Our Values
Proactive people are driven by values
S2Tech’s moral blueprint is the backbone of its business. We believe in taking the high road in all our business decisions and transactions. We never take this code of conduct for granted and are mindful of its importance to our success. We have instilled these values throughout every aspect of our company, including our employee and client interactions. We are committed to never compromising our integrity. To become part of our team, our consultants adopt our business ethics and become trained in Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. They pledge to

Be trustworthy
Always do the right thing
Delight the client
Respect all individuals at all times
Seek excellence in every task
Think quality
Deliver on time
Think outside the box
Be a team player

Contact Us:
Phone: 636-530-9286
Fax: 314-754-9839
Email: info@s2tech.com

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