Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

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ID: 292 Published: March 31, 2015 9:52 p03

 46525 Grand River Avenue, Novi, MI, United States

Miracle Software Systems, Inc , founded in 1994, is a Global Systems Integrator specializing in ERP/ BPM (EAI/SOA) / B2B / Digital Experience Technologies and is a Minority Certified Private Business headquartered in Novi, MI – USA. Over the past twenty years, Miracle has helped numerous large and mid-sized businesses transition their IT to a Service Oriented Architecture, with IT Transformation Initiatives, deploying SAP / Oracle ERP Systems. Miracle has a global presence on four continents with multiple Global Development Centers spanning across the USA, Canada and India. Today, Miracle’s team includes 1500 IT Professionals with a projected targeted expansion to 2500 by the end of 2015.

Whether it is Internal Application, Application Integration, Process Integration, or Business to Business Integration using EDI / Web Services, API Management, Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications, Internet of Things(IOT), Cloud Integration or Mobile Application Integration, Miracle is the Systems Integrator of Choice and the Thought Leader in this industry. Miracle has been and continues to be a leader in the niche space of Business Integration and SOA services over the past 20 Years with Premier Partnerships with companies such as SAP, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft.

Miracle employs the largest set of certified professionals with extensive industry knowledge in order to assist your organization with implementing the latest technologies. We have several different models of delivery to suit the needs of organizations of all sizes.

Technical Excellence

Miracle’s core strength is its Technical Excellence which helps us to give our customers the best business value

Industry Expertise

Nobody knows the IT landscape and Industry verticals as we do at Miracle and this helps us to understand your problems much better

Thought Leadership

At Miracle we believe in execution at the speed of thought along with the power of leadership which helps us drive forward

Miracle has been a Premium Business Partner of IBM for many years now, and it is also a National Implementation Partner with SAP as well. Over the years, Miracle has gained immense expertise in supporting multiple vendor stacks and has formed alliances with many of the major IT players such as IBM, SAP and Oracle.

Miracle is one of the few companies that has perfected the hybrid On-Demand Model specializing on these Niche skills, and is backed by state-of-the-art facilities at multiple locations around the globe. Our Offshore model helps us to deliver seamless, timely and quality services based on your needs at a greatly reduced cost. We handle your IT, so that you can concentrate on your core business needs. Our Managed Services Model takes the Shared Resource Pool Model to a whole new level.

Miracle always believes in thought leadership and disruptive innovations, and that is the direction that we want to take the company forward. Our teams are given a chance to play with the latest cutting edge technologies and experiment extensively with them as part of our COE. The Miracle Center of Excellence for various practices is constantly challenged to deliver innovative accelerators / Templates / Best Practices & Standards / Processes for some of the standard reusable patterns. Miracle envisions itself to be at 50,000 IT professionals by 2020 and become a pioneer and specialist in niche IT spaces.

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