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 13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Herndon,Virginia 20171

About Us
Energy. It defines LanceSoft. Consider our unique ‘keep apace’ operational culture, the spirited lot of hand-picked professionals, our ‘up-to-the-minute’ knowledge base, together they form a dynamic mix of value-generating characteristics that help us delve into the heart of a problem to deliver precise services and solutions – repeatedly.

In business since 2000, LanceSoft is a reputed and credible Contingent Workforce Management Services firm that has established itself as a pioneer in providing highly scalable workforce solutions and exceptionally competent global IT services to a diverse set of customers across various industries around the globe. LanceSoft is headquartered out of the Washington DC Metropolitan (Herndon, VA) and operates out of various locations in the US, Canada and India.

With its proven record of consistently delivering on its promises, LanceSoft’s unique mix of integrity, drive and preparedness is what is helping customers reengineer and reinvent their businesses giving the competitive edge in today’s ever-changing marketplace. LanceSoft’s dynamic work environment constantly nurtures Innovation, Strategic Thinking and Creativity and is complemented by strict process controls across our delivery centers globally.

The LanceSoft Advantage

About Us
LanceSoft DNA
LanceSoft Advantage
Vision & Mission
Awards & Accolades
Social Responsibility
Growth is a much needed and an inevitable element for any business organization and LanceSoft helps our clients achieve this through our wide spread premium quality service offerings. With vast experience, knowledge and understanding of the current market trends, we are able to provide optimum services to meet our client’s requirements to the utmost level. LanceSoft helps customers focus on their core business competencies, while we assist them in their project/program needs by placing the right resources in the right places and at the right time giving our clients that edge in performance they are looking for. LanceSoft has an in-depth knowledge in various technologies and domains, which enables us to deliver services and solutions quickly, cost effectively and with the desired quality. Collaborating with LanceSoft can provide your organization with the following benefits that can be utilized to your advantage.


1.Client-Focused Program/Project Management
2.of breed delivery capabilities
3.Quick Turn Around Time/On time quality deliverables
4.Ability to quickly Ramp up and Ramp down resources
5.Proven Track Record in Nurturing Long Term Relationships with Clients
6.Simple low cost structure available to clients with no hidden costs
7.the Clock Service
8.Team of Resources
9.Flat, Field-Oriented Management Structure
10.In-depth real-world experience in handling Federal, State and Commercial contracts
11.Service Delivery Capability to provide strategic business solutions
12.Balance Delivery Model with a unique blend of local management and remote delivery

Vision and Mission
LanceSoft’s core objective is to meet customer’s requirements utilizing our proven leadership and expertise in the services we provide thereby contributing to the overall success of their business and also towards achieving the overall growth for our organization.

Vision Statement:

‘LanceSoft will be a globally respected organization consistently adding value to its customers, employees and partners.’

Mission Statement:

‘To relentlessly focus on balancing cost, time and quality – leveraging our experience, nurturing creativity driven by ethics in a challenging and fun filled environment while contributing constructively to the global community.’


Leverage our experience & expertise
Adaptive to our clients’ & employees’ ever-changing requirements
Necessitate rapid adaptation to emerging technologies and industry trends
Contribute to social causes in our community
Ethics are our basic tenet
Service Oriented Architecture
Our leadership towards opportunity
Future vision through LanceSoft
Technology that leads to success

LanceSoft’s Ethics and Code of Conduct:

LanceSoft’s culture is built on its ethical values, which distinguishes us from our competitors. We conduct our business in a socially responsible manner and strive to support universal human rights, adhere to local laws, protect the overall environment and benefit the communities where we work. LanceSoft’s employees are expected to act in accordance with the accepted professional standards of personal and professional integrity, honesty and ethical conduct, while working on the Company’s premises, at offsite locations where the Company’s business is being conducted, at Company sponsored business and social events, or at any other place where you are representing the Company. We consider honest conduct is one that is free from fraud or deception. Ethical conduct also includes professional handling of conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships.

Contact us
Main Phone: 703-674-4500
Fax: 703-889-6500

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