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ID: 386 Published: June 30, 2015 9:52 p06

 Forbes Technical Consulting, LLC 401 N. Franklin St., Suite 3S Chicago, IL

About Us:
Founded in 1999 by industry experts, FTC has become a leading provider of IT staffing solutions in the Chicagoland area. FTC has built beneficial, long term relationships with both clients and consultants by delivering exceptional service.

Throughout its history, FTC has remained a progressive, positive and professional team that leverages its collective knowledge and experience to provide its valued clients with the best IT talent.

Progressive, Positive and Professional

Progressive. FTC is an innovative and inventive company that employs cutting-edge recruiting techniques, advanced technological capabilities and incentive-based retention strategies to identify and retain top performers across a full spectrum of IT roles.

Positive. At FTC, service is crucial. Working directly with FTC’s knowledgeable recruitment specialists, our clients receive personalized attention, prompt feedback and fast results.

Professional. FTC’s extensive pre-screening and qualification process enables us to present professional candidates that have the experience, proficiency and interpersonal skills our clients require.

At FTC, we believe the only way to make successful placements is to create strong relationships with our clients, understand their business culture and determine the staffing solutions that promote the long-term success of their company. The driving force behind our business is improving your business, which means we stay dedicated to the following principles:

Integrity – Employ honest and ethical behavior in every situation
Respect – Build valued and enduring relationships by earning the respect of all those we work with through sincere, positive and attentive interactions
Quality – Provide the highest level of service and offer the most value
Innovation – Reward employees for continuous improvement & proactive solutions
Professional – Extensive qualification process to ensure the highest level of talent

Contact Us:
312-819-0470- Voice

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