Divensi Inc.

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 14320, NE 21st St, Suite 11, Bellevue, WA

About us

Divensi is a privately held, US-based, global IT services company focused on helping our customers in extracting the maximum value from their growing data assets. We strongly believe that in today’s business environment technological shifts are being driven by data and therefore the utilization of data will be the primary enhancement to value of your business . As the importance of data utilization increase if is imperative that businesses focus on the 3 Vs’ of data (volume, velocity & variety) to continue on a path of rapid growth. In order to meet the demand for data processing it is becoming more important that firms have well-designed and optimized software to efficiently and effectively handling that data. Divensi has invested the resources to become an expert in data strategy, data architecture, data engineering, data analytics, and data science projects. We work with a variety of Fortune 500 clients and numerous mid-size companies throughout the US. Our experienced data and analytics professionals integrate modern data science techniques with a proven business intelligence approach to deliver results quickly. We deliver top-tier intelligence solutions efficiently and cost-effectively that can precisely address your business challenges. We take great pride in helping our customers in seeing and understanding data to ensure that they stay ahead of their competitors through rapid and effective decision making.

Our Vision
To become the world’s leading data analytics expert working collaboratively with organizations that are passionate about data-driven decision making.

Our Mission
To deliver full spectrum data engineering and analytics services focusing on helping our customers to learn and take action with their data.

Contact Us:
Phone: 1-855-DIVENSI (348-3674), (425)373-1425
Email: india@divensi.com

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